Did that just happen…2013 in review

by Catherine

So much for my last post. I had definitely not planned on taking an even longer hiatus. In April of 2013 I got a new job and have had a lot less time for my writing this year. I did however make a lot of time for my relationship, my friends and family, my new job, my old job and traveling so I can’t say that I am disappointed that I haven’t written much. But I can say that I miss it, and I want to make the commitment for 2014 to myself that I will make more time.

Two things have come up in the past couple of weeks – one is that my boyfriend and I will be buying a new computer which means I won’t be stuck using a laptop from 2006 and might actually want to spend time on my computer. And secondly, a close friend and I have a blog in the works focusing on gluten free and dairy free living on a low budget and also our experience with hot yoga. We are both busy ladies though so I am hoping that we will be able to follow through with this plan.

My end of the year is going out with a bang though, I’ll be spending three days in New York City, seeing family, friends and Phish. We are going to spread all kinds of Christmas cheer and I hope to post the highlights, then I will be heading up north the second week in January to enjoy a few days of skiing with my parents. Until then.. happy holidays.


2013 trip to Washington – The Gorge