Dropping off the face of the Blogosphere

by Catherine

Well, I am back, after a short stint away. I think I may have been burned out after the holidays. I traveled home for the holidays, I was in the New York City for four nights of Phish and I also managed to squeeze in some skiing in New Hampshire in mid-January. There were also some changes at work – a change in management caused me to have to take on some more responsibility in the interm-time.

Time flew by.

When I dropped off the blogging radar I lost one of my important ways to reflect. I still spent a lot of time reflecting but I never wrote any of it down. I feel like the act of writing slows time. Writing narrows and aims thoughts like a laser. A glass etching laser that records litle things here and there and creates a timeline. Even if its not an explicit timeline it is still a timeline of reference. I can reference emotions and thoughts that correlate with different days – weeks or months out of my year through my writing. Without writing I’ve been in a whirlwind everyday. I am never exactly sure where I am going or what I am doing and because of that I have lost time. I have literally lost time.

So I am back, after what I like to call – my experimental time off – now that I have had time to reflect on my lack of reflecting, I realize how much I value writing. (Not that I didn’t know that before) but now I have really felt it, and comes to terms with its importance. I hope I’ll keep up with it, if not here, in some journal.

Has anyone else out there taken long times away from their blogs? If so, how did you get back to blogging? What caused you to stop/start blogging?