Playing Hide and Seek – Reflections on a month of Literary Abandon

by Catherine

I get a fancy badge!

Winner 2012! NaNoWriMo


^^^That is how I feel crossing the finish line of NaNoWriMo. I will miss my stats page and the peptalks from all the amazing author participating. I can only hope that I can replicate such a stat page in Microsoft Excel (I am sure I can – but I’ll do that tomorrow). Tonight I will celebrate, by taking the time to read and relax and think about how my novel will continue, because although I wrote the 50,000 words – it is far from done. And right now I am having a bit of difficulty seeing the end result. But I’ll keep writing daily and chugging along letting my wonderful characters show me the way.

To all my readers and followers who participated, I hope you had as rewarding of a month as I did – and I hope you all continue working on the stories you want to, or have to tell. If anyone out there wants to share their Nano story with me I’d be happy to read it, or if anyone wants to read mine – I’ll reluctantly hand over my unfinished story. J

Just Write.

That is what I have learned from doing a novel in a month. Even when you can’t see the outcome or solution – it is always there – it just might be playing a game of hide and seek – the solution evades your ever search. Other times the solution will seek you out when you are hiding – that is, when you are away from the constant clicking of the keyboard on your computer – taking care of other responsibilities (how dull). Sometimes the solutions to your biggest novel problem will seek you out. (That’s my favorite way to play the game).

Keep Going!

See the cabin in the distance? Me either…

Congrats to all those who participated – even if you didn’t finish – you still have words on the page and a story in your heart. Just keep going!!!