As the month draws to a close…

by Catherine


can you hear the sound of the clippity clappity keyboard?

I am taking some time for a welcomed break from my nano novel. After Thanksgiving weekend I was very behind. I wrote nothing for four straight days! *Gasp* anyone involved in NaNoWriMo knows this can be devastating if you aren’t ahead – which I was not. So yesterday I buckled down and wrote 4408 words, and today I hope to do the same. I will be caught up to today’s count of 45,000 if all goes well and I should have smooth sailing from there.

I thought I’d take a break and write a little bit about the end of my journey. I often worry about my story being too structured. I wonder – does it follow too much pattern that a reader would get bored?

I read for the twists and turns in a book, I don’t want to know what comes next! Otherwise, why would I read it? I like the surprises a book can have hold and I want to replicate such surprises for my future readers. Today, my story took some unexpected turns and I happily chugged along with great speed. I had worried about where the story would go next and it didn’t come to me until I was right there writing it. It is amazing how things like this can just fall into place. This added scene helped my MC evolve and show some of her spunk that might have been lost in the last 20,000 words. She started out a spunky girl but somewhere along the way lost some of confidence.

I hope all my NaNo friends out there are enjoying the last days! I know I won’t stop when this is over; I am shooting for a story that is about 70,000-80,000 words and it will only be the first in some sort of trilogy I hope. So lots more will come from it and I welcome more of these surprises.

Has anyone else experienced surprises like this from their story?