Can’t Buy Me Love – Black Friday Rants

by Catherine

I have only shopped on Black Friday once in my life. I went to a discount menswear store and bought a very nice priced suit for my boyfriend. Overall it was a great deal. I was completely satisfied, but it took no more than an hour of my time.

I don’t think there a whole lot wrong Black Friday (if you want to spend your time this way, by all means go for it) but I think there is something wrong when Kmart is open on Thanksgiving. It is completely disrespectful to the holiday of Thanksgiving. I work on Thanksgiving, but I am in the hospitality industry and let’s face it hotels never close. Stores, on the other hand, they use to close. They use to be closed on all holidays and even on Sundays. 


Let the madness begin!

What irks me the most is that people would rather show their appreciation and love through gifts of material items. Gifts that probably are will break because they’re cheap and mass produced and things that end up cluttering and complicating your life. There are families who will cut their Thanksgiving short today to go on this ‘exciting hunt’ – or whatever you want to call it. Its guess its fine because some of these people will be bring along their family and friends. But what underlies this excessive buying spree is our inadequacy in showing love and compassion.  

Whatever happened to homemade gifts? Whatever happened to quality time? My grandmother always tells me she wants the gift of time. She wants to spend a day with me – doing things we enjoy together. We got for a cup of coffee – catch up on everything under the sun. (The coffee costs me a total of $10 – which is comparable to a great deal on Black Friday) I’ll help the with projects around her house – whether is scrap booking (something I truly loathe) or decorating her Christmas tree. It’s the same for me, I don’t want a lot from her, just to know that shes is happy, healthy and enjoying life. It really can’t get much easier if you think about it – that is what most humans fundamentally want.

My second problem with Black Friday sales is that companies are still making money off these sales, so why can’t Barbie be $2.99 everyday. Why the huge price cut? Am I over paying for the other 364 days in the year (yes I am). I am sure quality gets cut, workers get less money, our environment suffers and so on and so forth. Maybe someone can explain to me how they afford it… I’ll just avoid it like every other year.

Its like the Beatles song – Can’t Buy me Love!! That will be my song tomorrow.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels to all!