Day Three Exerpt – Nano

by Catherine

Here is a short excerpt of my nano-novel, it is the opening to my second chapter. To get you up to speed the synoposis I posted on nano is …

In a post-apocalyptic world where the humans have been decimated, a lost race flourishes. Deep in the oceans of the world Merpeople, armed with their algae fortifications, continue living in the highly polluted waters. Biologists work day and night to protect the city from nuclear waste that is actively flowing from abandoned power plants.

As young Selene’s sixteenth meryear approaches she is given the opportunity to escape the confines of the city. Curious about her mothers disappearance, she sets out on an quest to find out what really happened. Risking everything to find answers, she may find out more than she can handle about who or what else survived The Great Disaster twelve years ago.
And here is the chapter…

Chapter II

The next morning Selene found her father sitting on the couch, removing sand from between his fins. “Morning Selene” he said.

“Morning dad. How was clamming last night?” she didn’t want to start off telling him what he shouldn’t do.

“It was good, I know I’ve said this before but… I really do feel a lot better.”

“That’s great dad, I’ll believe it when I see it.” Sandy turned away.

Her father said a bit slower, “I know you worry starfish, but really! Look!” Selene turned back and he began flexing his biceps for her, Selene wouldn’t admit it but they did look bigger. A smile crept across her face and her father let out a long deep chuckle.

“I guess so dad… what do you want for breakfast?”

“Eh, what’s on the menu this morning?”

“Well we have clam scramble, or clam stew, or how about your favorite! Clams bendidict?!”

“Hmm, what a hard decision, I don’t care, make the clams whichever way you want.”

“Clam scramble it is then.”

She twisted around the corner and into the kitchen. She began working on shelling some clams with her bare hands. Her fingers deftly worked, prying each clam open in seconds. Her father floated and said, “Wow starfish, you are almost as fast as me!”

Selene laughed, “Actually I think I’m faster.”

He finished helping her shell the remaining clams. Then they chopped them up into tiny bits and she tossed them with some squid ink.

“Delicious!” her father said as they sat down. “So starfish, what do you think you want to do for your birthday?”

“Well my friends are planning a surprise for me that evening…”

Her father interrupted, “how about some birthday cake before you go out? How’s that sound?”

“That’s great,” Selene replied. She felt bad hiding her real plans from her father, but if everything went well, he would never have to know. But that was just the problem; she worried that something might go wrong. She was really banking on her theory about the biologist. She had seen them going out numerous times at the central portal with only their algae face masks. This was a new development in the past six months. The biologists preferred to take the ‘no comment’ route when they were asked about this development by the journal-mers. They said it was top secret and the city mayb be put in jeopardy if any information about these developments got out. She wondered if radiation levels were decreasing, or if the biologists were building up a tolerance of some sort. She was hoping it was the former and not the latter because she had no defenses, other than Atrayo’s stolen algae mask.

Most merpeople were satisfied that progress was being made, but there were also ones like her that found the secrets disconcerting. She knew there were others who had made their escape, but they never came back. She wanted answers about her mother’s disappearance but she also knew she needed to come back to her father.

Thoughts are greatly appreciated, questions too and constructive criticism. My username on nano is katyd1018 if you want to be writing buddies!