Gearing up for NaNoWriMo-Defining my Technique

by Catherine

As NaNoWrMo ebbs closer I find myself wondering what I will write, or more importantly how I will write it. I think for my first NaNo, I want to explore a writing style or technique more than just developing a story. I think that if I write that way, I may be less inclined to suffer the dreaded writers block.

Negative spaces intrigue me – like a piece of art – a writer can use negative space to explain the un-explainable. By striping down a story – avoiding the heavy back story – you can spark curiosity in your reader. Leaving the reader to ponder or question – rather than revealing the answers – is my goal (I think..?). Hopefully this won’t be like wrestling a tiger. I often find myself feeling compelled to tell the reader rather than let them agonize over missing information. I might have to write two stories – one as my primary-public story – the other as a sort of log with all the things I am omitting (it might keep things moving – to get my urges out on paper). My goal is to let go of my preoccupation with communicating everything precisely as I see it, and letting the readers have their own creative license to see or feel it. I have to give over the wheel and maybe take a ride in the passenger seat.

I’ll try to post updates in the coming month – but I am sure it will be hard. Wish me luck!