DIY Dryer Sheets…well kinda

by Catherine

On Tuesday I packed away the summer and pulled out the winter clothes. Winter is my favorite season and my favorite clothing/accessory are scarves. This obsession started during my freshman winter at the University at Albany where I spent a lot of time walking between the classroom buildings and dorms in a constant wind tunnel. My friends and I joked that we moved to the tundra. Anyone who isn’t familiar with the University at Albany should know that the tall buildings and corridors between them encourage air circulation. The only problem with that is when the temperature is lower than 20 degrees.

Since then I have made myself a nice size collection of scarves. After wearing them daily they begin to smell musty and stale. Being wrapped closely around my neck and near my hair, they don’t get much air circulation. I don’t like to wash them because some are pashmina and others silk, and dry cleaning involves too many chemicals for a piece of clothing that sits near my sensitive face and neck skin.

I bought some lovely essential oils last winter in hopes of making my own moisturizer. I still have most of them. I have both lavender and bergamont because these are soothing scents. While reorganizing my clothing I found an old while cotton shirt that had a hole in it. I was about to throw it away but decided to keep it for dust rags.

Then it clicked.

I could put a few drops of oil on a small piece of the shirt and throw that in the dryer with my scarves on tumble dry. It worked great! My scarves have a nice mellow scent and I’m not afraid of breathing in harsh chemicals. I am going to try this on blankets and pillow cases since both scents promote a restful sleep.

They aren’t true dryer sheets, per se, because they don’t soften fabric – BUT- they do leave your fabrics smelling great!


A few of my choice scarves from my personal collection