Knowing Normal

by Catherine

There is something magical about feeling normal. I spent the early years of my life feeling off. My body never felt content, but always see-sawing from one extreme to another. I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what my problem was, its just that I felt either starving or stuffed, exhausted or hyper – I was in a constant whirlwind of my physical self while my mind struggled to keep up with all the extremes. No one really understood what I meant. I felt like I did what everyone else did, but for some reason it didn’t make me feel right. It was hard to explain these feelings then and it’s hard to explain them now. But I am different now, I am better. In 2009 I found that I am gluten intolerant. Since then I have changed a lot about my diet and lifestyle. Now I feel normalcy. I often wonder if other people feel how I felt and just ignore or suppress those feelings because they don’t know what normal feels like. I think the longer you stray from normal the harder it becomes to recognize an imbalance.

My imbalance was that I couldn’t find a middle ground for my body and soul to settle. Extremes are bad, they put stress on your body and soul and those forces will slowly tear everything apart. It’s important to slow down, look at what you put in your body, look at what and who you surround yourself with and begin to let go. Being able to stand after a long day at work and feel content and at peace is a world pleasure that everyone should experience on a daily basis. I chose to consume only certain things now. I have identified the negatives in my life and I don’t allow them into me in both a physical and metaphysical sense. I have built a resistance to negativity and I only allow positives into my life. I am still experimenting with ways to do this but so far I’ve been successful. I feel more at ease and happy with the normal I’ve finally found.

What are your opinions about normalcy? Is it good or bad?