To shower or not to shower…

by Catherine

Most people who know me, know that I don’t shower everyday. And most of those people find it funny yet slightly disturbing. The reason they find it so funny is because I am so nonchalant about it… I embrace the fact that I haven’t showered in two days. But they still see me as ‘dirty’ and wonder how I could find this decisions appealing. I do have a select few friends who revel in how long they have gone since their last shower, and it becomes a game between us. Us girls on the go; we have got to save our time somehow!

My new habit mostly has been born out of the new natural products I’ve been trying to use. I’ve gone through many different natural shampoos, trying to find one that works well. I’ve been using natural shampoos and conditioners for a little over a year now, and at first it was difficult to adjust. I chose this switch to avoid the wide range of chemicals that are prevalent in popular hair products.

Either way, it’s been a year and my new shampoo has made it much easier for me to avoid showering. My scalp’s oil production has finally balanced out. My theory is that the natural shampoo doesn’t strip all the oil from your hair. It cleans but doesn’t strip. It has taken about a year for my hair to adjust and now it doesn’t seem to over produce oil; I can go three days without washing my hair, whereas I use to have to wash it daily to avoid that glossy sheen. I also go through way less shampoo, considering my hair is about four inches past my shoulders. (That can be a great savings opportunity!) The only downside is the amount of time it takes me to comb my hair, but overall I think the pros outweigh the cons.

I am happier not showering everyday, I have more time to do fun stuff! I usually take a 2-3 minute rinse off at the end of a busy day, but I only take a full lather-up 20 minute shower once every 3-4 days. It saves water and time, and overall I love my decision.

I wonder if we all adjusted our showering habits a bit, then we’d have a little more water to go around. Especially in a year where droughts have plagued our country, I think water conservation should be on everyone’s mind. Just some water for your thoughts 😉

What are your shower habits, do you like longer showers or are you like me and despise this time consuming task?