Finding Inspiration

by Catherine

I just purchased my first Moleskine yesterday. I think that inducts me into the some sort of special elite force of writers; now I just have to keep it with me at all times to jot down my ideas. 

Inspiration lurks in every corner of our lives, at least that’s how the creative live. As a fantastical writer, I see inspiration in a sunset. One where the colors alternates between orange and purple, bouncing off the belly of clouds, right after a thunderstorm when a calm settles in. Making words describe what I see is an arduous task, but when done correctly can create a whole new world for a reader to discover. The communication between writer and reader has its connections and its disconnections and in those places we can begin to understand ourselves and each other. It is in those place where the reader begins to own what they are reading, interpreting and imagining something completely original and unique from what the author envisioned. 

I’ve been reading blogs about being a fiction writer, and I’ve been trying my hand at some fantasy writing – and capturing images, describing scenes and developing characters is definitely a difficult task. But, I keep looking for different inspiration to keep me going and now with my new Moleskine, I think I’ll be able to keep track of my thoughts and jot down techniques I find effective in my readings, so I can later replicate them. There is a lot of formula to writing and its a lot about finding a formula that works for you but also remaining receptive to new ideas and new ways of expressing yourself. 

But either way, I am going to set myself down tomorrow and work for a few hours at my ‘novel in progress’. I want to create something that begins to take on a life of its own and grows into something beautiful and terrifying that can capture the hearts of readers. 

I’ll get back to you on how that goes 😉