When I told a f…

by Catherine

When I told a friend recently that I was going to San Francisco she asked, “what for?”. I replied happily, “Phish!”. She then gave me a queer look and repeated, “…fish?” and I stared at her for a moment and said yes… “Phish!”. Then I realized she meant the one that swims in the ocean. I burst out laughing and then said, “Phish, the band!”. Her head bobbed in understanding of what I meant and she began laughing too.

Pete and I had a great time in San Francisco this past week. We saw all three nights that Phish played at the Bill Graham Civic Center and all of the were awesome. We also tried to explore the city as best we could during the day. But boy was it cold. I was ready for 50-60 degree weather, but not for the dampness. It was wet, and advice for anyone allergic to mold, bring your allergy meds! My allergies wouldn’t quit.

We spent our second day there in the San Francisco Botanical Garden. It was a very interesting place; most of the exhibits were of mountainous climates, obviously similar to San Francisco. They had Meso-American, East Asian and I believe South American Cloud Forests. Although all of these exhibits caught my interest, my favorite was the Succulent Exhibit,  which made me even more eager to get down on my D.I.Y skills and plant a terrarium for my home. It definitely made a jump up the to-do list that day.

The concerts though were just amazing. We saw a lot of our great friends who live on the West Coast and got to enjoy the camaraderie of going to a show with a big group, which was something we didn’t seeing Phish at SPAC, it was just Pete and I most of the show. But Sunday night, the third night, was definitely the best of the three shows, as it should be in a three night run.

I got the traveling bug from that trip! I am ready for my next one.