New additions to the neighborhood

by Catherine

I had a new neighbor move in the other day, but I didn’t formally meet him or her till today. I am still not sure what gender my friend is, mostly because he or she is of the feline species, and a very furry one  at that. It had been spotted lounging in the grassy shade of my back lawn a couple of afternoons this past week. Today I saw it and decided to give it some tuna. It chowed down.

Later on I was outside grilling some sausages for dinner when I saw it sitting next to the empty bowl. I started to walk over, as I got closer I sat down and put my hand out to it. Up until now it had always run when we got even the slightest bit close. I snapped my fingers and made the same clucking noise I had made this morning when I fed it. It slinked slowly on its belly over and actually happened to be a very friendly cat.

We bonded over the next couple of hours and I posted an add on craigslist saying I found this missing cat. I didn’t see any adds that looked close to this cat’s description. I am going to try to take it to the vet this week. The cat is a strange creation if I have ever seen one. It is so ugly that its cute. I gave it a good brushing and a towel to sleep on but I think it prefers its bush. I’ll be going to the grocery store when Pete gets home from work to pick it up some food.

Hopefully it will be around to stay, I wouldn’t mind an outdoor cat.